Jan. 29th, 2010

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The Star is one of the most unequivocally bright spots in the pantheon of the Arcane. She is a show-off, but without the characteristic arrogance of the Sorcerer, performing half in order to get a pleasurable reaction from the audience, half simply because she enjoys the performance. The purpose of any showboating the Star does is to get a laugh or a smile out of her friends, those around her. She is at her best when amongst a crowd of people, familiar with at least most of them, engaging their attention in some way.

Stars are most often connected with the performance arts, utilizing these gifts to entertain their friends and keep a certain amount of levity in their lives. A Star may be a musician, an actor, a comedian, or a dancer; if she does not use these skills in her professional life she may well practice them in her private life. Sometimes a Star is involved in a social profession that, while it involves no actual performance as such, offers her an opportunity to mingle with and meet a number of people from a variety of walks of life. She may act as counselor or devil's advocate to her friends in need, offering a pragmatic or down-to-earth view so gracefully that it does not abrade the emotions unnecessarily. Usually following a talking-to, she turns around and offers comfort and cheer.

Stars are generally low-maintenance and require only a little time to vent or rest or otherwise dispose of the stress they have built up over a period of caring for their friends. However, a Star who gets too little of this may fall into a deep depression or, worse, an almost psychotic malaise.
Fallen Stars often become Sorcerers simply out of taking too little time for themselves, the stress of bad situation after bad situation clouding their judgment until they start midway down a Sorcerer's path. Already possessing the charisma and social skills, it isn't that far from manipulating emotions towards happiness and ease from manipulating them any way the Star chooses.
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1. Playful!Baileigh
2. Murderous!Baileigh
3. Flailing!Baileigh
4. Incarcerated!Baileigh
5. Deviant!Baileigh
6. Hurt!Baileigh
7. Intoxicated!Baileigh
8. Wildly Inappropriate!Baileigh
9. Comforting!Baileigh
10. Cooking!Baileigh
11. Over-protective!Baileigh
12. Ranting!Baileigh
13. Silly!Baileigh
14. Romantic!Baileigh
15. Silent-Treatment!Baileigh
16. Bedtime!Baileigh
17. Jealous!Baileigh
18. Inquisitive!Baileigh
19. Confused!Baileigh
20. Sexy!Baileigh
21. Angry!Baileigh
22. Dorky!Baileigh
23. Working!Baileigh
24. Needs-a-Hug!Baileigh
25. Choose-your-own!Baileigh


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