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Name:Baileigh Solis
Birthdate:Jan 27

She's a big noise in an empty room
She gets attention like a sonic boom.
She moves around me like the air I breathe
Gets inside of me and she never leaves
She's a snowstorm on the twelfth of June
She's a phone call that ends too soon
She quotes a movie when you need advice
Draws you pictures in the window ice

I'm Baileigh Inez Solis Lazarey--sorry, still getting used to that. You can call me Bee. I'm 28, I live in New York City. I'm pretty easy to get along with, really. I shop a lot. I really love shoes.

I'm also a vampire Slayer. Recently retired.

A detailed character post can be found here.

Roleplay Information

Baileigh plays in several different verses which intersect with many different fandoms. She is always happy to interact with pretty much anyone from pretty much any fandom.

Choices - Baileigh's main 'verse. Baileigh was born and raised in Texas and called as a Slayer when Willow's spell activated the potentials. Shortly thereafter she runs into a newly re-corporealized Spike ([info]follow_my_blood) on his way road-tripping from L.A., who decides stick around and show the pretty clueless girl the ropes of slaying. She met, began dating and would eventually fall in love with Julian Sark ([info]elementof_risk). Eventually she and Spike moved to Searchlight, Nevada to join a school of Slayers and Watchers set up by Andrew Wells ([info]episode1_bored). She made several connections and close friendships here, including fellow Slayers Annie Woodman ([info]morsus_mihi) and Henrietta Callahan ([info]hank_callahan), had a Watcher ([info]fear_noevil) accidentally fall in love with her, but decided against sticking around, mostly because her friends didn't much like her taste in men and were pretty obvious about it. Other close friendships include Adam Monroe ([info]changehistory), Mohinder Suresh ([info]capableof_both), Claire Bennet ([info]its_notluck), and Gabriel Gray ([info]heroslayer). Sark proposed and she accepted, and they were married in early May. The two of them now live in New York and are expecting a child in October.

Don't Rightly Die - A sort of future!Choices 'verse, set in the Firefly universe. Baileigh discovered after 40 or so years that she wasn't aging--she has yet to understand the reason why. 500 years into the future after losing her child and witnessing what humanity has done to the world she helped saved, she's no longer the sweet-natured, exuberant woman she used to be. Played out at the community [info]dontrightly_die.

Dark Slayer - Willow's spell went a very wrong of the very bad variety, because the First would not be so easily defeated. Half the slayers in the world ain't quite right. And by ain't quite right we mean varying degrees of really fucking crazy and pretty much evil? An ambition faction of badness has snatched on the opportunity to build their own little slayer army. Baileigh is one of the 'ain't quite right' variety. Why? Cause it's fun.

Forbidden Fruits - Baileigh left Corpus for New York to pursue an acting career and found herself stuck there. She is a member of a small conglomerate of Slayers that work out of and patrol there. She's being pursued by and is interested in a vampire, Daniel ([info]inprfctform) because she's crazy or masochistic or suicidal. Or just really really intrigued and fascinated. Or maybe all of the above. Hard to say with her.

Open - Anything that does not fit into or apply to any of the other verses. Baileigh is always up for new interactions, and if something doesn't fit into one of the other settings, it'll go here.

Callahan - Dead verse, crossed over with Supernatural, nothing to see anymore, move along.

Daemon - Buffyverse with daemons, also dead, also nothing more to see, move along.


DISCLAIMER:This is a RP journal for an OC from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel universe. I am neither Joss Whedon, Morena Baccarin, Vanessa Hudgens or Bruna Marquezine. I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Baileigh, however, is one of the many little muses that took up residence in my head and refuses to leave, so don't steal her. I make no money off of anything written here. All for fun and harmless. No one's lost an eye yet.

Baileigh is played in:


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