deep_red_bells: ([Expressive] Mommy & bb)
More than slayer or wife, daughter or friend, 'mother' is the most important name she's ever carried.
deep_red_bells: ([Expressive] Downcast)
She doesn't fear the thought of death or pain; it's the thought of leaving nothing worthwhile behind that scares her the most.
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I feel like I've been on one since I retired, and sometimes, it's really boring.
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A cozy kiss under the mistletoe wasn't at all a bad way to remind her husband that he still had a wife as well as a new daughter.
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One thing she would really prefer not to do is indulge the ridiculous lie of a fat old man that watches your ever move, sneaks into your house on Christmas Eve, eats your food and leaves you toys.
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She's done considerably better putting up with the damnable loop of the same carols and songs this year, but this doesn't keep her from singing banning them from her iPod and stubbornly singing Spanish lullabys and "Rainbow Connection" to Irina at night in place of another rendition of "Joy to the World" or "Feliz Navidad".
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They're the most unlikely rag-tag bunch one could hope to meet, and how they've kept from killing each other thus far is a miracle, and yet somehow, they are undeniably a family.

[MBS] Give

Dec. 4th, 2009 08:48 am
deep_red_bells: ([Future] And we all got hurt)
She feels she's already given everything she was and could've been, but who or what received it, she honestly isn't sure.

[MBS] Snow

Dec. 3rd, 2009 09:20 pm
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While she'd never deny that it's beautiful, she prefers to look at the vast blanket of sparkling white from somewhere very warm, out of the frigid mess.
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She does very well buying for everyone else, but finding anything for her husband is an absolute impossibility.

[MBS] Tree

Dec. 3rd, 2009 09:14 pm
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Intellectually, she knew that Irina was no more aware of the soft lights and twinkling ornaments beside them than she was of anything that wasn't her bottle and maybe their faces, but that didn't keep her from rocking her to sleep next to it every night, hoping to imprint some sliver of memory of her very first Christmas into her developing mind.
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There is no such thing as a bloodless battlefield, but as much as she prepared for the possibility, she never truly thought it would be hers staining the ground.
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She always smells so good and so sweet, and part of her wonders if it's just as much the purity and innocence that causes it as the array of Johnson & Johnson products they bathe, rub and dust her in every day.
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She never wanted this life; this was his choice, not hers, and there is a part of her she keeps locked away that will never forgive him for choosing immortality over her.

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They keep saying it's okay, it's okay, that she didn't do anything wrong, but all she can see is the bone and blood confusion of what used to be a face, and she realizes that all her hard won control means nothing at all.
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Seven years old, wide blue eyes, a mop of curly hair atop a face that's a perfect blend of mother and father, and a pitted black olive stuck on the end of every finger as she runs around the dining room table, all squeals and roars and laughter; she wouldn't trade these dinners for all the candlelight and quiet the world has to offer.

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It's dirty, cruel, and harsh, and she hates it, but everything she loves in the world is there.


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