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1) The ocean
2) Warm weather
3) The desert
4) The girls
5) Slaying
6) Spike
7) Having a glass of wine at night
8) Caffeine
9) Being able to eat whatever I want
10) All the cute strappy heels I missed out on wearing over the summer
11) Having the time and inclination to fix my hair and put on makeup
12) Sleep
13) Day of the Dead celebrations
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1) I love you
2) I'll never leave you
3) I'm sorry
4) You're not alone
5) You did the right thing
6) You're not a coward
7) I'm proud of you
8) You mean more
9) It's all right
10) You're beautiful
11) You're perfect the way you are
12) I'll never hurt you
13) I love you
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1) John Mayer, "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room" and "Daughters"
2) Idina Menzel, "I'm Not That Girl"
3) Coldplay, "The Scientist"
4) Ben Folds ft. Regina Spektor, "You Don't Know Me"
5) RyanDan, "Tears of an Angel"
6) Jen Titus, "O Death"
7) Alison Krauss, "You Will Be My Ain True Love"
8) Sheryl Crow, "Riverwide"
9) VAST, "Pretty When You Cry"
10) Sarah Brightman, "Tell Me On a Sunday"
11) Ohio, "How to Be Perfect Men"
12) Stone Sour, "Bother"
13) Missy Higgins, "Where I Stood"
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1) Hermione
2) Rosalba
3) Ava
4) Annamarie
5) Dayanara
6) Ella
7) Sophia
8) Katerina
9) Emma
10) October
11) Aubrey
12) Gracie
13) Nevada
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1) My grandmother. Even though she's gone, she defined a lot of who I am.
2) Julian. Hi, my husband. That's a given.
3) Beanie. She's not technically here yet, but that doesn't mean a damn thing.
4) Claire. She's the baby sister I never had.
5) Annie. She's the...completely psychotic BFF I really wish I'd had growing up.
6) Adam. When he says he'll always be there for you, he means it. It's comforting.
7) Sylar. He surprises you with how perceptive he is.
8) Mohinder. He's really, probably one of the sweetest guys I know.
9) Mollywog. She tolerates and takes care of us silly grownups really well.
10 & 11) Mr. and Mrs. B. I don't have parents I can just call or drop in on, but I have them.
12) Rico. He's my brother, and we had a rough time of it for a while, but we're getting there. I can honestly say I missed out, not growing up with him to torment.
13) Hank. I will never have to wonder what those teenage years are going to be like as a mom. There is no possible way they can be worse than what I've already had to put up with from her.
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1) My thumbs pop pretty much every time I bend them. Not obnoxiously? It's really quiet. I don't  know why.
2) This is strange to the non Slayer-and-Watcher-and-Hunter population, probably: I have a bite scar. Well, technically I have two? But the first one was just a graze and the second one pretty much obscured it. Vampire bites and wounds from an enchanted weapon are pretty much the only things that leave scars on us, supposedly.
3) I have a sister I've never met and probably never will.
4) I know all the words to "We Didn't Start the Fire", the historical references behind then, and I can sing them without the music.
5) I can juggle. This is not something I admit to. Because the second you say "I can juggle" people start throwing shit at you going "OH! DO IT DO IT, I WANNA SEE!" and I am not a trained monkey, goddammit. Plus, I'm not that good and I'm kinda out of practice.
6) I play video games, and I can probably kick your ass royally at Halo. This isn't strange to me, but it's strange to most people. Girls--specifically "hot chicks", so I'm told--aren't supposed to play video games.
7) I have also been known, back in the day, to play Dungeons and Dragons. 2nd edition only. It was weird to discover how much of it had basis in fact, let me tell you. Ever met a Tiefling? Yeah, I have.
8) Tejano though I am, I have no accent of any kind to speak of, though if I'm very, very tired, I get a bit of a twang.
9) I spoke Spanish for the first years of my life because my grandmother didn't speak English at home.
10) I hate Mary Poppins. Hate. With a passion. I'm told by certain people that apparently just ADORE her that this is strange.
11) While I have very good hand-eye coordination, I have two left feet, most of the time. I'm not much of a dancer. I try? But I always seem to stumble a little.
12) Despite emerald being my birthstone, I do not like the color green. In nature, it's lovely. Green grass, green trees, green food, all that's fine. In clothing, cars, paint and interior design, it kind of nauseates me in any shade.
13) I'm allergic to tomatoes. People seem to find this strange. It's not my fault, ya'll. believe me, I'd change it if I could. I do not, however, think tomatoes are evil. That's just weird. (Though I WILL say, the habit that people have of saying "You can just pick them off!" is IRRITATING. Do you WANT me to break out in hives? Do you?! Yes, fine, it wouldn't last long even if it did trigger a reaction, it's still not comfortable!)
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1) My husband
2) The baby
3) My brother
4) Claire
5) Adam
6) Hank
7) Annie
8) All my friends
9) The simple fact that dying would suck
10) The last Song of Ice and Fire books
11) Jimmy Choo's fall collection
12) Must see what becomes of those wacky Winchester brothers
13) Dancing With the Stars
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To-do list

1) Call the caterer
2) Break down and buy maternity clothes, will need them soon enough
3) Start packing for honeymoon.
4) Buy new bathing suits/lingerie/shoes, since I don't own many pairs of shoes that don't have four inch heels and I'm already coming down with a case of the clumsy
5) Haircut--desperately needed. Ends feel like straw
6) Pick up the bridesmaid dresses, and Molly's
7) Get the boys their tuxes, if they procrastinate on this anymore I am going to stab them all with spoons.
8) Buy baby name book
9) Buy a few more parenting books
10) Get to Petsmart, buy kibble, Frontline, & new collar for Irina, she's chewed the last one and it's all ugly and frayed and almost doesn't fit anymore anyway. And they need baths. Get them baths. I don't need to be hauling them into the tub anymore.
11) See about getting both dogs fixed. We don't need anymore surprise children and they're related and ew.
12) Start considering some themes and designs for nursery
13) Buy more sweat pants. Jeans don't fit anymore.

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1) Read
2) Watch TiVoed shows
3) Sex--which usually requires nudging Julian awake
4) Slay--at least I used to
5) Go downstairs for ice cream or chocolate milk
6) Listen to my iPod
7) Surf the net
8) Find memes to kill time
9) Curl up with Julian and just lay there
10) Go downstairs and curl up on the couch with a magazine and let Ru sit on my feet to keep them warm
11) Shop online
12) Dig through the DVDs for one of the movies I can't convince Julian to watch with me and watch it alone
13) Take a bath
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1) Get plenty of sleep the night before, bearing in mind that the definition of 'plenty of sleep' has shifted a lot.
2) Hopefully not be quite so tired as I have been.
3) Stave off the queasiness that keeps threatening. Fingers crossed that that happens. Really.
4) Have a fun day at one of the theme parks. Probably Magic Kingdom.
5) Buy mouse ears and wear them proudly.
6) Wear a cute new dress for the evening .
7) And the shoes that match it.
8) And the pretty lingerie that goes under it (leave the mouse ears in the room. Obviously).
9) Go out for dinner and maybe dancing. That'd be nice.
10) Have something sinfully good for desert.
11) I'd say have a glass or two of wine, but that's out. Maybe a walk on the beach instead?
12) Sex. Lots of it. Duh.
13) Curl up and sleep, as I'm sure I'll be thoroughly exhausted.
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1) I'd duck.
2) I'd stay home.
3) I'd turn around.
4) I'd walk away.
5) I'd wait.
6) I'd pick someone else.
7) I'd leave.
8) I'd stay.
9) I'd say it first.
10) I wouldn't be afraid.
11) I'd run.
12) I'd go back.

13) I wouldn't change a thing.

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1) Complain less.
2) Buy only the clothing and shoes that are least the very least, try to cut back on the shopping.
3) Smile and laugh more.
4) Make others smile and laugh as much as possible.
5) Challenge myself. Face fears. Life's too short to be afraid.
6) Stop thinking so much about the ticking clock and my age and...just, stop trying to put a time limit on my life.
[forbidden fruits 'verse] 7) Find a better apartment. Possibly a roommate.
8) At least try and audition for something.
9) Stop obsessing about him and looking over my shoulder wondering if he's watching me. It's not healthy. Stop obsessing about my weight. I look fine and I exercise regularly, damn it. [/forbidden fruits 'verse]
[choices verse] 10) Go to the shooting range. I'm rusty and I think I need to train with guns just as much as--probably more than--with swords, stakes and crossbows.
11) Learn to ice skate and not fall on my ass, and practice dancing as well. I am a Slayer. I have grace. I just need to get over that whole "Oh God there are people watching me" thing and apply it to things other than fighting.
12) Not turn into a bridezilla.
13) Be a good wife. Whatever that is in our worlds. [/choices verse]

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1) A strong mind. The ability to follow their own path and not follow after others blindly just because it's easier.
2) An open and accepting heart.
3) Knowledge of their heritage, without forcing them into traditions that may not be for them.
4) Family that loves them, and will always be there for them. I don't want them to ever feel abandoned, or alone.
5) My hair, at least if said child is a girl. Yes, it's a pain, but it's unique, and I'm selfish enough that I'd want my child to be instantly recognizable as mine.
6) My books, with the hope that they'd appreciate them.
7) Security. In every sense of the word.
8) Pictures, mementos, diaries, whatever I can leave behind that they won't forget me.
9) Monty, the purple sock monkey I've had since I was little. The poor guy's been sewn up so many times he's more thread than sock, but he was mine and he was special to me.
10) Love of music.
11) Love of words, both written and spoken.
12) Unconditional love. I don't want them to ever doubt that they were loved.
13) A better world than the one I was born into.
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1) Chewing gum
2) Babies
3) John Mayer
4) Colored diamonds
5) Julie Andrews
6) Anne Rice
7) Sparkly vampires
8) Christmas
9) Winter
10) Winter related activites
12) Heavy metal music
13) Booties (please for to be bringing back actual damned BOOTS next year, thank you)
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[locked, as mushball muse is mushbally]

1) Went out of his way just to take me out for a drink.
2) Whisked me away to Paris. Sort of.
3) Went out of his way to come see me on my birthday, even though we hadn't been dating very long.
4) Remember that part in "While You Were Sleeping" when Sandra Bullock's character talks about how her mother gave her father a lamp shaped like a globe and that's when her father said he knew that he loved her, because she gave him the world? And then later she says the same thing about Bill Pullman's character because he took to Florence for their honeymoon? Well, it was something like that, because he travels a lot and he asked me to come with him, and I'd never been anywhere, like all I'd seen of the world was Corpus Christi and Dallas and a podunk town in Nevada, so...he kind of gave me the world.
5) Never once complained about me grabbing his hand every time the plane shook a little. I'm not a good flyer. I'm also a Slayer. I have a very firm grip.
6) Displayed more patience with me and my quirks than anyone I've ever met. Even finds them endearing.
7) Never left my side for a second while I was...sick.
8) Holds me all night. Or all day. Whenever we're in bed.
9) Told me that he loved me.
10) Told me that he didn't want to be without me, ever.
11) Asked me to marry him.
12) Has held me through the nightmares and the rough times and told me everything would be all right and made me believe it, even though I knew it was a lie. Nothing's ever 'all right' in my world.
13) Told me he was willing to give up any chance of immortality for me. I don't believe he really means it, not really, but possibly he did at the time, so.

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1) Prince, "Purple Rain"
2) Tori Amos, "Little Earthquakes"
3) Dar Williams, "End of the Summer"
4) The Golden Palominos, "Dead Inside"
5) Matchbox 20, "Mad Season"
6) U2, "Achtung Baby"
7) Ani Difranco, "Little Plastic Castle"
8) Concrete Blonde, "Bloodletting"
9) Stone Temple Pilots, "Core"
10) Garbage, "Version 2.0"
11) The Beatles, "The White Album"
12) Vienna Teng, "Waking Hour"
13) Massive Attack, "Mezzanine"
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1) Toothbrush, toothpaste and floss. Take care of your teeth, people.
2)  Deoderant. It should be a given, but with some people, you have to wonder.
3) Eye cream. I will fight off the wrinkles for as long as I possibly can.
4) Light weight moisturizer, preferably one with sunscreen.
5) Bath & Body Works Lavender & Vanilla sugar scrub and body lotion. I use it every night. It's soothing.
6) Whichever body wash smelled good at the time I needed some. I think I'm using some Victoria's Secret stuff right now. Whatever, it smelled good.
7) Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue perfume. It's my current favorite, though I'll sometimes switch it up with DKNY Be Delicious or Clinique Happy.
8) Makeup. I'd love to get brand specific and all but we'd be here all day. I'm bad to see something and go 'oh shiny mine!' It could be something cheap from the drug store or something more expensive from the department store counter. We have gone over my short attention span and impulsiveness, yes?
9) Catwalk Headshot Shampoo and Conditioner.
10) Alterna curl shape activator.
11) Beadhead Headrush shine spray.
12) Catwalk Frisky scrunching gel.
13) Redken Urban Experiment #7 Velvet gel.

See?! See the ASS KICKING and mess of productsI have to put on my hair every day just to make it look decent? Because that is not even all of them, not to mention the process I have to go through.


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