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[choices 'verse only] 227. TEN things you do in the morning.

1) Wake up
2) Use the bathroom
3) Brush teeth
4) Wash face
5) Flatten hair into something presentable
6) Let the dogs out
7) Get Irina in a good mood via cooing and belly tickles
8) Change Irina’s diaper
9) Feed Irina
10) Eat breakfast [/choices verse]
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'Drunk' being a relative term...

1) "Pour Some Sugar On Me"
2) "I Will Survive"
3) "Mother Mother"
4) "Dancing Queen"
5) "What's Love Got To Do With It"
6) "All By Myself"
7) "Wannabe"
8) "Like a Virgin"
9) "I've Had the Time of My Life"
10) "Black Velvet"
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1) He smelled like leather, cigarettes, and whiskey
2) He thought she was an idiot. But a cute and likable idiot.
3) He was a vampire.
4) He needed a friend.
5) And a place to stay.
6) He could be very charming when he wanted to be.
7) And also very damned annoying.
8) He'd saved the world.
9) He knew what she was.
10) He wanted to help her.
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1) Irina
2) Julian
3) Spike
4) Annie
5) Adam and Peter
6) Mohinder and Sylar
7) Hank
8) Rico
9) Claire and Hiro
10) Mollywog
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1) Candy
2) Chocolate anything
3) Pumpkin pie
4) Sweet potato casserole
5) Count Chocula, Frankenberry & Boo Berry cereal (they only really sell it around Halloween)
6) Silly costumes
7) New shoes
8) Scarves and mittens
9) Sweaters
10) Pumpkin spice lattes
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1) Losing my virginity.
2) Becoming a Slayer.
3) Dropping my father's name.
4) Meeting Spike.
5) Moving to Searchlight.
6) Falling in love with Julian.
7) Meeting my brother.
8) Retiring.
9) Getting pregnant.
10) Getting married.
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1) Ice cream
2) Bacon
3) Banana pudding
4) Spinach dip
5) Sushi
6) Avacados
7) Fish tacos
8) Brie cheese and pear quesadillas
9) Pasta
10) Churros and champurrado
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1. I'm exceptionally good at close quarters combat.
2. I'm a good shot some of the time, decent most of the time, mainly with a crossbow and a rifle. I'm working on expanding the firearms thing.
3. I can tie a knot in a cherry stem with my tongue. What? I can.
4. I'd make a great personal shopper. Really. I can shop.
5. And put together ensembles. That's a talent, right? I have a good eye for color and texture and what works and what doesn't.
6. I can type fast. Not super fast but fast enough.
7. Um. I can run up a wall and flip? You know, like you'd see in a kung fu movie?
8. I'm a good bartender.
9. I can take a punch as well as I can throw one. Which, in case you were wondering? Is very, very well.
10. ...Yeah, that's all I got. I don't really consider myself a talented individual.
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1) My grandmother picking me up from the ground after I fell out of a tree in our front yard. And my complex with heights was born.
2) My mom actually showing up for a birthday party. When I turned seven.
3) Her calling on every other birthday and telling me why she couldn't be there.
4) Asking my grandmother about my dad and her telling me she'd explain it better when I was older.
5) Her explaining it when I was older.
6) My mom and my grandmother fighting every time she showed up.
7) My mom trying to take me away from grandmother when I was ten. I hid under the bed and wouldn't come out. She tried to get her boyfriend to pull me out. I bit him. Suddenly he wasn't so keen on the idea of having a daughter.
8) My teacher explaining to me why my friends kept having to move away. I hate to say it, but I kind of learned not to get so close to the military kids after that.
9) Kicking Eli Parker in the balls for messing with Kenny Douglas in the hallway. (No, I wasn't a violent kid. That was the only time I ever did anything like that. But Parker was a self-entitled dickhead and Kenny was a sweetheart that couldn't help that he weighed 90 pounds dripping wet. I was having a really bad day and he was being a bully. I went off. I never got in trouble for it, probably because he didn't tell anyone.)
10) The day I realized how sick my grandmother really was. She didn't go to work. She always went to work.That's pretty much when my 'childhood' ended.
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1) Coldplay, "Swallowed In the Sea"
2) DHT, "Listen To Your Heart"
3) Nickel Creek, "Seven Wonders"
4) Lady GaGa, "Love Game"
5) The Lonely Island, "I'm On a Boat"
6) Neko Case, "Prison Girls"
7) Sarah McLachlan, "Fallen"
8) The Creatures, "The Prettiest Thing"
9) Kings of Leon, "Sex On Fire"
10) Lily Allen, "I Could Say"
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1) A nap
2) The cereal I ate this morning to not come back up
3) My head not to hurt
4) A big glass of ice water
5) A bath
6) For the dogs not to smell like dogs
7) To find the energy to go upstairs and get away from the dog smell
8) To not feel like I have the worst hangover of my life when I haven't had a drop of alcohol in weeks
9) All the food related commercials to go away
10) Ginger ale
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1) Buy sandals.
2) Pack.
3) Buy more orange juice.
4) Spa day with Claire.
5) Pick out a book to take on the plane.
6) Clean and put away all of my slaying related weaponry.
7) Make arrangements for the dogs to be taken care of while we're gone.
8) Buy more puppy chow.
9) Order the desk and leather furniture Julian liked for the study.
10) Shove the groomsmen towards the boutique to get their fittings.
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1) Broken neck
2) Bitten and drained
3) Bitten and turned
4) Massive internal hemorrhaging
5) Stabbed
6) Shot
7) Blunt force trauma to the head
8) Exsanguination
9) Asphyxiation
10) Possession of some sort
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1) Hearts are made to be broken.
2) Promises are made to be broken.
3) Everyone leaves eventually.
4) Death sucks.
5) Dislocated joints hurt like hell.
6) Certain types of demon blood are acidic and will totally ruin shoes.
7) And clothing.
8) Tequila is of the devil.
9) Getting thrown off of a two story building hurts like hell.
10) No, it doesn't taste like chicken.
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1) Another bottle of Light Blue. Or something else that smells just as good. I'm almost out.
2) A pair of these.
3) A pair of these.
4) A pair of these--seriously, those? Those are what shoes look like in heaven. Except they might not be red. I dunno. Whatever. They're gorgeous.
5) An iPod touch.
6) A new coat. A very warm coat.
7) Sweaters and/or hoodies. Lots of very warm sweaters and hoodies.
8) Books.
9) New jeans, preferably True Relgion or Luckys--I burn through the jeans, people. They're casualties of slaying.
10) Earrings. Um, I'm not picky? So long as they don't dangle.

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Bear in mind that I cannot have tomatoes or tomato sauce on my pizza. This pretty much means that if I want a pizza I have to make it myself. Also, I do not put all these on one pizza. I don't like too many toppings on one pizza. Too busy. Busy only works with ice cream.

1) Cheese.
2) Mushrooms.
3) Spinach.
4) Black olives (green olives should only ever be used in martinis).
5) Eggplant.
6) Pineapple.
7) Jalapenos.
8) Hummus, though I dunno if this is really a topping? You can use it instead of tomato or white sauce (hey, don't knock it til you've tried it).
9) Pepperoni.
10) Bacon.

I know. I'm weird.
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1) I have deep set abandonment issues that I cannot seem to shake. I expect to be left at any moment. Every argument or misunderstanding, I brace myself for things to end.
2) I make things a bigger deal than they have to be. I blow things terribly out of proportion.
3) My life and my future are never going to be completely my own. I am a Slayer. Even if I stop slaying, I will always be a Slayer.
4) I'm going to die. Most likely, it will be very, very messy and very soon, and the worst part is, I'll be ready for it when it happens. You can only fight the good fight for so long before it wears you down, and you want to be finished.
5) I'm emotional. I wear my heart on my sleeves and get my feelings hurt very easily.
6) I'm insecure. Terribly, painfully insecure. Like I said, I expect to be left. 
7) I'm moody. I can be on top of the world one minute and then for no explanation or at least for no reason that will make much sense to anyone but me, I'll crash and crash hard.
8) I don't want kids. Granted, this won't bother some guys, but a lot, it would. I don't want kids, I don't want to be a mother. I refuse to tempt fate by even trying. It's not like you can take the kid back if it doesn't work out.
9) I don't trust what I feel in relationships. I don't trust love. As happy as it can make me I will always be expecting things to fall apart.
10) Eventually I will try to push the people I love away, before they can hurt me too badly. I'm afraid of giving someone the power to break me beyond repair.
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1) Read.
2) Hot baths.
3) iPod and meditative music thing with the harp and the rainstorm in the background.
4) Curl up on the couch and watch a movie.
5) Sex. The unhurried, take your time kind.
6) Play video games. Something other than Halo. I take Halo a bit too seriously.
7) Have tea or hot chocolate.
8) Cook or bake something.
9) Katas.
10) Yoga.
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1) Graduation. I mean, really, the best thing about it was leaving it.

2) Cheerleading. It was only for half a semester senior year, but it was fun, and at that time, I needed distracting.

3) Drama. The course, I mean.

4) English and Lit. They were my best subjects.

5) Spanish. Talk about an easy class.

6) Mrs. Sutphin, the Spanish teacher. She was nutty and fun.

7) Buying new school supplies. It's stupid, but I just loved having fresh notebooks and pencils and folders.

8) Senior year, because it was so darn easy to just skate through it. All the hard classes were over and done with.

9) Physics, just because the instructor was cool. He took us on a field trip to an amusement park to study the physics of roller coasters.

10) Friday night football games. We Texans take our high school football seriously.
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10 fictional characters that you'd like to meet and what one question you would ask them.

1) Wonder Woman--"What do you have against pants?"
2) Sara from The Labyrinth--"Are you insane?!"
3) Michael Scofield--"Did that massive tattoo not hurt like hell?"
4) Raistlin Majere--There'd be no question. I'd just give him a hug. I'm telling you, all that unpleasantness could've been avoided if someone would've just hugged the poor guy.
5) Arya Stark--"Think there's a remote chance you won't grow up incredibly scary and damaged?"
6) Elizabeth Swann--"Are you insane?!"
7) Rory Gilmore--"Um thank you for not marrying that idiot and choosing career over the pretty but vapid and really really stupid boy thereby allowing me to end the abysmal final season of your show with an actual molecule of respect left for you, wanna get coffee and talk about books?"
8) Carrie Bradshaw--"Shop with me, I beg of you."
9) Anita Blake--No question. I'd just really like to hit her.
10) Bella Swan--See above. Only not hit so much as shake violently for a minute.


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