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The subject matter is so uncomfortable and awful, but I can't stop watching it.
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Who am I to you?

One simple question, maybe a not so simple answer?

[OOC: Fake screened, because real screening is for pussies. :P ]

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If you could be me for a day, what would you have me do?

...Pervy answers totally encouraged. ;D
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Go to my user pics and then pick:

1. Your favorite.
2. Your least favorite.
3. One that makes you automatically think of me.
4. One that you think I should TOTALLY use more often.
5. One that you don't get/needs more explanation/you have no idea why the hell I have it.
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1 question...
1 chance...
1 honest answer...

That's all you get. Ask me one question. Any one question, anything, no matter how crazy it is. An honest answer. No catch.

All comments will be screened so your question stays private between you and me, and only you will get to see my answer to your question. But I dare you to repost this and see what people ask you.

[ooc: they'll actually be fake screened, but consider everything locked between Baileigh and your muse--specify verse where needed]
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♡♥♡♥♡ RP LOVE MEME ♡♥♡♥♡

♡♥♡my thread♡♥♡
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1. Put your mp3 player on shuffle and take the first 25 songs it gives you.
2. Link to the lyrics (I did youtube vids too if I could find them)
3. Let your friends assign you a song to write a drabble fic (they may be short but I fail at actual 100 word drabbles) to.

Songs! )

You may request fic from:

Baileigh ([ profile] deep_red_bells )
Jennifer ([ profile] favorsfire )
Bryce ([ profile] somesay_inice )
Inara ([ profile] gracefulwoman )
Daphne ([ profile] speedster_girl )
Rachel ([ profile] so_wereclear )
Leliana ([ profile] guide_theirhand)
Galen ([ profile] starkiller_sith )
Imoen ([ profile] loyal_godchild )
Leslie ([ profile] queenleslie )

These are the active kiddies and the ones you're more likely to get a fic out of, but if there's someone else I play that you know of, you can certainly make a request and I'll see what I can do :P
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Keane, Somewhere Only We Know )


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1. Comment with a pairing or pairings (or a friendship, it doesn't have to be shippy). They can be het, slash, canon, or crack.
2. I will create a ship mix for that pairing that will range from an EP with a minimum of 3 songs to a full mix, with upwards of 20 songs. It depends on how much music I can find/how inspired I get. Likely there will be cover art, because that's like my favorite thing to do for fanmixes.
3. Fanmix meme makes no promises. By submitting your request, you give me permission to do whatever the hell I want with the muses and story. It does not have to affect any verses. Also, there's no guarantee I will make you a full mix, as I said. This does not reflect how much I love you/your muse, but how much the music I have matches up to the requests.
4. For my own personal sanity, please limit yourself to two requests. Select 'verse if relevant! These can involve your muse, or others you know mine have interacted with in RP or canon.
5. Expect me to take forever to actually finish this, because, I procrastinate. A lot.
6. Have fun and PROFIT??

Muses this meme applies to:
Baileigh ([ profile] deep_red_bells )
Jennifer ([ profile] favorsfire)
Inara ([ profile] gracefulwoman /[ profile] companionserra)
Leliana ([ profile] guide_theirhand)
Imoen ([ profile] loyal_godchild)
Rory ([ profile] but_im_agilmore /[ profile] coffee_literati)
Lorelai ([ profile] needmycoffee)
Leslie ([ profile] queenleslie)
Buffy ([ profile] shes_thegeneral)
Rachel ([ profile] so_wereclear)
Bryce ([ profile] somesay_inice)
Daphne ([ profile] speedster_girl)
Galen ([ profile] starkiller_sith)

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You Are a Tiger Print

You are glamourous and confident. You stand out in a room, and you tend to keep to yourself.

You are highly independent and even a little mysterious. People know right away that you're very powerful.

You are highly sensitive and highly intuitive. You are good at staking out what you want and then pouncing to get it.

You crave adventure and challenges. Your life is constantly changing, and that's exactly how you like it.

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[choices 'verse only] 227. TEN things you do in the morning.

1) Wake up
2) Use the bathroom
3) Brush teeth
4) Wash face
5) Flatten hair into something presentable
6) Let the dogs out
7) Get Irina in a good mood via cooing and belly tickles
8) Change Irina’s diaper
9) Feed Irina
10) Eat breakfast [/choices verse]
Read more... )


Feb. 10th, 2010 11:32 pm
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You Are Flirty and Aggressive

Your idea of romance is a good deal of give and take. You like playful, flirtatious banter and teasing.

You get bored easily in relationships, and you always notice if the spark is gone. You like to feel challenged.

Your ideal partner is bright, sexy, and even a little dangerous. You don't want someone who is too easy to get.

For you, love is always changing and evolving. The love you feel for each person is completely unique.

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"OMG I LOVE YOUR _____": A RP Meme D'Amour : My Thread


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