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...which would have been gifted to her at the hospital. Slow mun is slow.

Her very own wand and set of hand sewn Hogwarts robes--Gryffindor, of course--which is really from Baileigh & Annie since Baileigh can't sew a stich and therefore just bought the materials.
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All wrapped up in a neat little package:

Vintage t-shirt
One woman band necklace

And one of those obnoxious singing cards with a handwritten note:

Happy birthday to my favorite blond bunny!

<3, B

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I completely forgot today was my birthday. Admittedly it's never been my favorite day, but still. It's a good indication of either how stressed I was over the wedding or how completely immersed in happyhappy joyjoy I am right now. Or both.

Anyways. Thank you for the gifts, guys, and for remembering--I wouldn't have noticed if it'd gone by completely unmarked, but you guys remembered, and that's unbelievably sweet, so thank you. And may I just say that at this rate, I'm going to own everything in Tiffany's by the time I'm forty.
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ooc: the mun apologizes for her lateness, though she did try to make up for her lack of wanting to mess with photoshop and looking for pictures and all that yesterday with writing, which she did want to do, but anyway.

Birthday presents and whatnot )
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So, I don't know how many of you know it, but Julian's birthday is April 4th. I'd like to have a party of some sort for him. Who's in?
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From left to right: me, Jules, and Hank. Cain has the worst camera skills ever, and I'm going to go put some jeans and sneakers on because I refuse to the only one in a dress.

Party nao, YAYS!
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[backdated to this morning, since LJ was down and all that]

This is what extremely bored fresh off the plane women with shoe fetishes do while they're sitting in the kitchen waiting for the slacker birthday girl to get their ass out of bed.

This is what they do. )

They take pictures of their feet on cell phone cameras and put them on their livejournals.

Carry on.


Nov. 16th, 2008 10:41 pm
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Julian? I got roped into going back to Nevada. Hank's birthday is Tuesday. I'll just have to punch anyone that asks me if I'm the hooker magician. Do you mind terribly? She's all bouncy about it. Hank, I mean. Something about a concert and I think I may have promised her you'd buy her something shiny cause you have such good taste and all. I really don't want to stay for more than a day or two. If you don't want to go, I'll just go alone.

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A package is delivered to the home of Rian Baxter, containing two boxes hidden under a massive amount of pink loosefill peanuts, both wrapped in violently pink, sparkly wrapping paper and decorated with Hello Kitty stickers and curling gold ribbon. One package is longer and slender and contains this. The other is small and square and contains this.

There is also a handmade card, also pink and made with glitter pens:


So, tacky shoes are kind of ridiculously expensive, as much as I would've LOVED to send you the purple abominations, I thought these were pretty and cool and looked like Rian. Guitars and handcuffs, can't go wrong, right?

Have a good one, doll, you deserve it.

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OH. MY. GOD!!! OHMYGOD. YOU SO DID NOT HAVE TO DO THIS!! I LOVE IT!! I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT THANK YOU!!! I feel like a total rock star!! Karina is giving me VERY covetous looks!! You have, like, the most AMAZING taste, oh my God, even the color is perfect. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!


May. 12th, 2008 08:45 am
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Thanks, Johnny! Just what I needed, a naughty rubber ducky! That was sweet of you!


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