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You Are Pizza
You are friendly, popular, and outgoing. You find it easy to get along with anyone.
You can be casual and carefree or fancy and upscale. You fit in anywhere.

You are a giving person, and you love to share. Sharing comes naturally to you.
You always liven up a party and attract a big crowd. There's just something about you that people love!

Well. The day started off better. And then boom.
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Anybody around and available for pestering?

Just...need to talk to someone.
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In the morning I wake up >> And in the night I sleep >> Since the day that I was born >> Repeat, repeat, repeat


[E-mail sent to everyone on Baileigh's mailing list]

It's cloudy today. It's supposed to rain tomorrow. It's funny how you can enjoy rain when you're not thinking to yourself "Oh, crap, I gotta go out and slay in this mess." Cause right now the only thing I'm worried about is "Crap, Ru, you're gonna go outside and get filthy, aren't you?" I have never been quite so grateful for Slayer strength as I was the first time I had to wrestle that dog into the bathtub.

I would really like for people to stop saying they'd back Sarah Palin to run for president in 2012. I you listen to the woman? Really. I'm all about girl power but have you heard a word the woman's said? She does not need to be president. She does not need to be anywhere near the White House. She does not even need to look at it too long, her stupid might be catching and the current president can't afford to be made any stupider for the brief amount of time he's got left in office.

I would also really like for the commercials for mouse traps to go away. They don't need to be advertised. Why would they need to be advertised? People will always need mousetraps. They wig me out.

I have officially painted every room in the house except for the kitchen and the bathrooms, which have wallpaper. I am so not messing with that crap, it's too much of a pain.

The house smells like fresh paint. Am breaking out the frilly candles to try and get rid of it. It's not the worst scent in the world or anything, but it smells really artificial, not nice and homey.

I have a sneaky suspicion I'm not Ruhun's favorite anymore. He keeps giving me looks like "Why, why did you take me away from the house full of people that slipped me treats? Why did you take me away from the hot babe I was so gonna do? Why, you evil woman, why?!" Giving him treats seems to be helping. He likes the dehydrated liver treats. I hate liver. It smells awful.

I've slept more in the past 2 weeks than I have in the past 2 years.

I miss you guys.

I don't think this is helping.


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You can have a tiara and a veil, right? Or is that overkill?

I miss not having a mom. Moms are supposed to look over your shoulder and annoy the hell out of you by giving you their unasked for opinion on everything when you're looking through wedding magazines and stuff. They're supposed to tell you that you don't have enough boobs to fill out Dress A and Dress B will make your hips look big, etc.

Someone please be my mom until this is done. :(

ETA: Dear Steve Madden, please lay off whatever it is you're smoking.

No, really. Lay off.

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Nothing is ever enough.
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Sassy resurrected the shuffle meme. I think I should demand a recount...or something. I don't really want this to be my month.

Linkin Park - Crawling )

Though while I'm at it, if you don't have this version (as it was a remix, technically, that popped up on my shuffle)? It's made of awesome and win. Here, have it. And, here's a mish-mash of Evanescence's Missing and Crawling, which I'm also fond of.

God, I listen to some emo crap.

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This song needs to be removed from my playlist. IMMEDIATELY.

What the fuck is wrong with me?!! I'm up, I'm down, I'm happy, I'm sobbing, MOODS, MAKE UP YOUR FUCKING MINDS.


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