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Everyone in my wedding party should be very thankful I didn't make them do anything like this.

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Favorite Color?
Your dreamy lover:modernfae
Evil villain who kidnaps you:blazing_storm
Who rescues you:morsus_mihi
Your rescuer gets killed by: laws_of_dawes
The killer gets killed by:elementof_risk
Your dreamy lover runs away with:grewupbroadway
You end up marrying:criminal_issues
You wake up...on an alien spaceship.
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So how IS everyone tonight, hm?

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Listening to Christian Bale say 'fuck' a whole lot to a techno beat? Way more entertaining and catchy than it should be.

Not that I downloaded it or anything. Nope.
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I need this shirt.


ETA: Also, this one.

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best sleepover game??
flashes the pizza delivery dudelove_inchains
spends the entire time nakedhank_callahan
ruins the end of the movie for everyonezee_ali
falls asleep first and gets drawn onheroslayer
you end up making out withelementof_risk
records itrescued_apuppy
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Jules would so flash the delivery guy, of course I'd make out with Julian, WHY IS HANK NAKED AND WHY IS ANGEL RECORDING IT?!!

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LUKE: And they have those flashlight thingies.
LORELAI: Yeah. That's the right name for those. Flashlight thingies.
LUKE: And Jedi powers of mind control, they can move things, so they're telekinetic, and they hover their jet saucers over molten lava, and they jump and fly around like they're in Cirque du Soleil.
LORELAI: Oh. Coffee, please.
LUKE: But what gives one Jedi knight the edge over the other, huh? The ultimate advantage? They stand on a mound of dirt and declare, "You can't win. I've got the high ground!"
LORELAI: Dude, if he said it, that's the way it is! It's a fictional world.
LUKE: He's four feet up a little slope! And that wipes out all the other guy's powers? The fly, jump around, move things with his brain, use the little flashlight thingy?
LORELAI: You have got to learn the right term for that flashlight thingy.
LUKE: This has been bugging me.
LORELAI: For months! We saw that movie months ago! You've got to let it go!
LUKE: I can't!
LORELAI: George Lucas owns San Francisco now! That's a city! You can't argue with a man who owns a city!
LUKE: All the other guy has to do is scurry on to land and run up the hill a bit, and then he has the high ground. I mean, they can fly jet pods, but they can't scurry?
LORELAI: Go on a website or something, okay? 'Cause there are thousands - no, millions of your kind out there debating all the minutiae of not just this Star Wars movie, but every Star Wars movie.
LUKE: You drag me to see these movies.
LORELAI: No, you wanted to see that movie.
LUKE: So I can't critique it because I wanted to see it?!
LORELAI: That's how it works!


Sep. 28th, 2008 05:47 pm
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You will take over Japan using only a car that is possessed by the ghost of Napoleon

Take this quiz at
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[Regarding the fact that in the quickstep hold, chests are not supposed to touch]

Derek Hough: Brooke. I can feel your boobies.
Brooke Burke: ...Sorry.


From Buffy

Aug. 6th, 2008 11:17 am
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You Are The Godfather Ice Cream

Someone crosses you, and they'll end up with a scoop of this in their bed

Damn right. I'm connected. I know people.
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Buffy might not realistically win this one.

And yet 87.5% of voters say she will!

...personally I think Superman could kick our asses, but, you know...he's boring.
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Found over at Buffy, heroine or genocidal maniac?

I'm intrigued and muse, however, wants to track the writer down and throw things at their head.
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If you woke up one morning and found me in your bed, what's the first thing you'd think or say?


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