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[voicemail left for Annie--furious Baileigh is furious]

Those vampires that attacked Claire knew what she could do, before they even saw her heal. Do I even need to tell you the ways that this is bad? I hope not. So everything you know? You better be fucking telling me, post-fucking-haste RIGHT THE FUCK NOW. I've had enough of this 'protect the poor pregnant woman from the bad bad stuff' BS.

[voicemail left for Spike]

Look, I know this is supposed to be happy fun vacation times for you and Amelia? But there's a situation. I'm worried about Claire and I'm--it's our sort of stuff, and I can't DO anything, Spike. I'd feel much, much better if you could be here like...immediately? I asked Adam, and he said as long as there's no gambling with the kittens of course you guys are welcome. I told him the kitten thing was way in the past, and do me a favor and don't make a liar out of me about that, okay?

I just really need you around right now. Before I stress myself into an early labor.

That was a joke. Mostly.

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Baileigh had just about decided that staring at the squiggling lines on the EFM readout would make anybody crazy, and she made herself stop obsessing over every little bump and rise and stare at the blank TV screen instead. “This is stupid,” she declared for the fifth or sixth time, ignoring for a moment that it had been her decision to come to the hospital and make sure nothing was wrong. “I fell. It’s not the end of the world. I’m sure when I get fat and try to wear heels, I’ll fall again. The stupid vamp getting in a sucker punch has nothing to do with my uterus. I should‘ve just gone HOME. They won‘t even let me have my phone. I could at least play a game of Stick Wars, that‘d make me feel better. Julian‘d let me play Stick Wars. Stupid hospital. Stupid nurses. Stupid Cain. Stupid, stupid vampires.”

Claire looked up from where she was sitting as Bee declared once again that this whole thing was stupid. She could have pointed out that it was Bee's idea to come to the hospital but she was sure it would just fall on deaf ears once again. "We just needed to make sure the baby was fine, you did fall pretty hard." She replied as she listened to her friend rant. "They're probably worried about your phone interfering with the machines here or whatever." She nodded to the machine that was currently attached to Bee.

“I’ve fallen way harder,” Baileigh pointed out, pouting down at the transducers strapped to her abdomen. They itched, stupid, stupid things, and they kept having to move them because Beanie kept moving and they were losing her heartbeat. Hi, duh. She was moving, wasn‘t that a good sign? “Okay, yes, that was before. Before is before. But she’s fine. I’d know if she wasn’t fine. This is stupid. Julian’s going to flip, Cain flipped, Annie’s gonna flip and they’re all gonna put me on house arrest-- stupid fucking vampires.” She plucked at the soft, worn scrub pants they’d given her to wear. “I’m kinda pissed the last one got away,” she finally admitted, glowering. “The bitch bit you. She needs to die. Any other time she would‘ve.”

Claire almost felt bad for the fact that she had been the one to contact the others; not Julian because he deserved to know but maybe she felt a little bad for calling Cain who then called Annie. She knew they were going to flip out. "It's okay, I'll come keep you company?" She offered with a faint smile as she crossed her ankles, glancing over at the machine to watch the heart beat for a moment before looking back. "It's okay, I'm fine." She motioned at her neck. "See, no bite marks." But she could understand and she did with a little frown. "I'm kind of pissed she got away too. Do you think she saw me heal?" There was something else she wanted to ask.

In which Claire gets bad ideas, and Baileigh is singularly unhelpful in dissuading her from them. )

ooc: anyone else in the verse who's in the state is more than welcome to stop by as well, I just have limited subject room and those were the muses I knew were on their way. :P
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You stuck Master Chief Sparkles in my luggage!

Did you also slip in the pregnant Barbie in the wedding dress, or was that Drew?
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Okay, so you and you and anyone else that for whatever reason feels like I need constant monitoring, but MOST ESPECIALLY TO YOU. Read this and make damn sure it sticks in your thick, stupid skull.

I am not and nor have I ever been a junkie or an addict or an alcoholic, and I do not appreciate being treated like one. I have taken care of myself since I was sixteen, practically, and since I was eighteen legally. I am not stupid, and I am not going to do anything to put myself or the unborn at risk. I do not need a mommy-and-fetus sitter. You will cease and desist immediately, or you are fired. I'm not kidding even a little bit. Are we very clear? GOOD.


I say again: not kidding even a little bit.

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If your friend was not forthcoming on something you asked them about, would you resort to spying? No, probably not. If I did I would have to have a very, very, VERY good reason for it.
Would you go through their things? PC? Personal Diary? If so, why and if not why not? Again, not without an incredibly good reason. Some lines should just not be crossed and that's one of them.
Is there something you have been very angry with a friend about but never could discuss? Not really? I'm kind of--I can keep things bottled for so long, but eventually they're going to bubble out. Even if it's something I want to keep to myself, I kind of can't.
What thing can you and your best friend not discuss without having a major disagreement? Slaying, maybe? It's the only thing I can think of that we've ever fought about.
What if anything that they do puts you on edge? Sometimes she doesn't know when to shut up and stop.
If they were driving you insane would you tell them? Why or why not? Oh yes, she'll hear about it. And probably keep doing it. Bitch. :P
What sort of taste do you have in clothing? Subject change, much? I dunno. I like to be comfortable but still look good? I try to keep the clothes I buy in a practical price range because they get ruined so easily. 
Do you prefer form fitting or that which allows complete freedom of movement or something in between? To me, form fitting is freedom of movement. I mean, I'm not talking a corset, obviously, but I can't function in baggy clothing. I'm particular about my jeans. They have to fit just right or it drives me insane.
Are you confident about your personal taste or style? Sure.
How long do you spend getting ready to go to work or to go out? Not terribly long unless I have to fuss with my hair.
High maintenance or low maintenance? High only if I have to fuss with my hair. My hair requires a lot of babying. Pretty average otherwise.
Wash and wear or dry clean only? I have a bit of both, but really, dry clean only clothing? So so so impractical for me.
Designer or Practical? I love designer clothing. I do. But I don't let myself buy much. I just can't justify it.
Are you financially comfortable? Apparently so.
Are you generous with money and possessions? Sure, unless we're talking my shoes. No one borrows my shoes anymore. They never give them back.
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Julian, do you mind if we make a quick trip to Nevada this weekend? I have a lot of stuff I need to get. Ruhun, mostly, but Merle said he'd get my stuff out of storage for me and have it waiting, and I promised Ruby I'd come see the puppies and she's probably going to try and give you one, and well, Annie's been on my case about visiting. I didn't know if you had, um, any plans, so I thought I'd check.

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There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.






"NO! No no no, I forbid it, I forbid it!! Do you hear me?!" The shout was directed not into the mouthpiece of her phone but upwards, in the direction of the ever elusive Powers That Be. "There cannot be a crisis next week! My schedule is already full! Do you see it?! Do you see the schedule on Adam's fridge?!! That's the schedule and 'Prevent Apocalypse' is not on it!!"

"...Okay! So glad I have another ear."

"...Sorry." Baileigh exhaled a breath and sank down onto the bed. "It's Christmas."

"I know."

"There cannot be an apocalypse on Christmas."

"Mmmmmmmm, don't think the demons celebrate Christmas, Chosimba." She heard a creak over the phone and could only assume Annie had flopped back onto her bed as well. "In fact I'm pretty sure they're all anti-warm squishies and Jesus and...ssssstuff. Besides, if you'd chill with the Powers-ranting and the blowing my right eardrum for a good five seconds, I could tell you we're not at full scale apocalypse proportions."


"Yeah, okay, yet. Doc thinks we could be looking at some kind of parasite. Infects the human host, kind of hollows out the insides before it takes over, and it moves fast. We're talking wicked scary fast, and the hosts are wicked scary incarnate. Strong. Fast. Really, really fast, Church."

"Isn't it Hellmouth activity?"

"More around the Hellmouths, but only cause they're so drawn to the evil Hellmouthy mojo. It's not Hellmouth related. That's why I'm calling, cause some cases have been reported up in your--what'd you and the blonde homewrecker in L.A. call it?"

"Uh...'stupid miserable frozen tundra of a state'?"

"Yeah, the stupid miserable frozen tundra of a state. Doc thinks so, anyway. Says the reports fit in with the intel he's got."

And he was probably dead-on right. Cain was an asshole through and through, but when it came to his job--both his jobs, both the one that paid the bills and the Watcher duties--he didn't mess around. "Okay. I'll be careful."

"Nuh-uh, Church, not good enough. Be better than careful. Be Supergirl. Be bulletproof. You got no Shelia and no Booky Bookworm up there and it scares us. How come that doesn't sink in with you?"

"Hey." Her voice took on an edge of resentment, but she couldn't help it and didn't try. "I have support. My back is covered."

The pause is lengthy, longer than what she'd expect from Annie. "...But not by us."

A knot of stress and tension was forming--or maybe just worsening--at the base of her neck. She sighed heavily, lifted a hand to rub at it futiley. "I'll be fine. I promise. I'll be bulletproof."

"You better be, Church. Imma cutchoo if you die on me."

She laughed. Not much of a laugh, but a laugh nonetheless. "Right. We'll pretend that made sense."

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Need to ask you something, kiddo.



Just letting you know you're my maid of honor, bitch. I'm not asking I'm telling. NO OPTION! NO SOUP FOR YOU! MASTER CHIEF SAY SO!



I know it's been a rough time lately, but you're still gonna be a bridesmaid in my wedding...right? I promise no ugly colors or abominations of shoes.


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Sep. 9th, 2008 07:22 pm
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Annie's awake. Drugged and incoherent, but she's awake and apparently she's gonna be okay.

Now it's just a waiting game. We'll know for sure Saturday.
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(ooc: companion piece to this)

"There's something wrong with you, and I think it's catching."

Annie merely grinned at her and rose smoothly from the admittedly impressive but patrol-time-wasting backbend. “Oh, come on…just because someone died doesn’t mean we have to act like someone died.”

She knew better than to give Annie the glare, but the glare what was she got anyway. She hadn't been there. She couldn't begin to understand...

“I know the attack last night wigged you out," Annie continued, her tone softening just a little as the fell into step beside each other. "But it’s all gonna wig you out. This gig is life and death, babycakes with the pretty belly chains--"

"Mock me now," Baileigh interrupted, holding out one hand while the other strayed to the dangling charm at her navel, that she still wasn't quite used to having there. "But you'll have one soon enough."

“Nah, I’m getting tattoos, not piercings. My man likes me all natural. Besides, if I get a piercing, it’s gonna be something dirty. Anyway, I was waxing philosophic, shaddup.”

She almost asked how the hell tattoos were more 'natural' than piercings, briefly entertained mentioning that she'd spied some really kick ass nipple rings while on her body jewelry shopping spree and had actually been kicking around the idea of getting one done, decided it was best just to shut the hell up and let her get her philosophical waxing over and done with. "Sorry. Continue."

“Thank you, Grasshopper. Life and death…we can’t save them all and we know it. So you have to see meaning in the horror. If no one dies, we don’t know there’s a problem. Lives are lost to save others, and one day? Maybe if we did our job good enough there won’t be anything left to kill people. Cues won’t be there because the baddies won’t be there.”

Right. And on that bright, shining happy day, the Keebler elves will come out of their hollow trees and bake everyone some of their delicious and addictive cookies, angels will fly down from heaven and serenade everyone with blessed Hallelujahs, and pigs will not only fly but start break dancing in the street. It'll be one big party. She got what Annie meant. She did. She was just more than a little doubtful that they, any of them, would ever be...finished.

Not until they died. Which was not a comforting thought.

Annie tipped her head on Baileigh's shoulder, linked her arm through hers and leaned heavily on her, forcing her to walk supporting both of their weights. She was just about to playfully shove her off when something very big, very furry and very fast leapt over their heads and took off running in a streak of grey.

There you are, you son of a bitch. )

word count: 829

note: tú me estás jodiendo = you gotta be fucking kidding me, in Spanish.

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after this

Leaning over you here
Cold and catatonic
I catch a brief reflection
Of what you could and might have been

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Cairo, Egypt, 11:45 P.M. // Las Vegas, Nevada, 1:45 P.M.


Fighting an incredibly strong, seemingly invulnerable demon was hard enough as it was, but it wasn't as though Baileigh had never done it before.

Doing so while yelling at her Watcher over the phone…now that was a new one.

“Big, dark green, really strong, with big goat horn things coming out of it’s head!!” she shouted for the fifth time, and heard Ethan swear, very softly under his breath, and toss yet another book aside. She dropped the hilt of a now very broken sword, ducked under another vicious but clumsy swipe and countered with a well placed kick, but might as well have been kicking a wall of granite for all the good it did. “Some kind of natural body armor. I can’t exactly paint you a picture right now, okay?!”

“There are a fair amount of large demons with curling horns, Baileigh,” Ethan snapped--as much as Ethan was capable of snapping. “And unfortunately none of the etchings are in color.”

“Oh my GOD, your books SUCK!” she yelled, dodging another blow and dancing back a few steps until her back hit a wall, desperately clutching her cell phone to her ear. “They’re called colored pencils, a MARVEL of modern art, for fuck’s sake!!”

“Not that one, dorkus aurelius, the Morté Demon Compendium!”

“I already looked through the--Annie, stop it, you’re messing up my stacking, I have these organized just--OW!”

“Don’t push me, loser face!”

“Could you two possibly exchange noogies and have a shoving match sometime when I’m not fighting for my life?” Baileigh drawled in a painfully sarcastic polite tone, squeaking and ducking under another vicious blow that shattered the stone wall in the very place her head had been a split second before.

Unsurprisingly, they both ignored her.

“Kids? What’s going on?”

word count: 1204

ooc note: Annie is [profile] morsus_mihi and Terry is [profile] if_she_could. Both are used with permission from their awesomesauce mun. Ethan ([profile] nihil_dicit) is mine to use and abuse.
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I can't think of a single time in my life where I've felt such a strange combination of elation and stress and worry and nausea and did I mention elation?

He asked me to leave with him. As in run away with him indefinitely and...

I have no idea what to do.
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...Are you sleeping with Drew?


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