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I COMPLETELY forgot to put a link in my journal, but for all those involved in the plot: Baileigh is going to go into labor tomorrow. Her water will break at about 3 AM tomorrow morning (as per this post) and anyone that would be called--which would be everyone in Choices 'verse that lives in New York and would want to be at the hospital or be informed--will be called around that time. About seven hours after that, contractions will start. Baby will be born late tomorrow night, and I don't yet know if it'll be prompted or if there will be RP or what, any thoughts, Cain!mun, Sark!mun, Claire!mun, Annie!mun and anyone else that wants to chime in? I know we're all busy, so you guys just let me know what you think.

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Pick one of my characters and I'll tell you...

→ why I decided to play this character
→ my favorite scene or bit of interaction concerning this character to date
→ my favorite original aspect about this character (world-building for ocs or head-canon for fcs)
→ the last thing they did "off screen"
→ what their last words would be if they died tomorrow
→ what the next thing I'm doing for them is (narrative, post, shelving, whatever)

» I will tell you what character of yours I'd like to play mine against
» you may ask me a free question

Um, I haven't updated it in forever, but I have a list HERE.

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Warning: By posting this up you are subjecting yourself to other peoples tastes in music. First rule of Play List is do not get offended by the music people share with you. Your cup of tea could be someone else's leafy water.
Warning: By posting this up should be willing to seek out the same meme on your friends list and give them some music too!

01. How it works: Place this post up in your journal.
02. Fellow friends list members [and their writers too] are to then in turn comment to your post with music.
03. Said music is shared via an upload that you can download, or a link to lyrics for the connection challenged that reminds them of you.
04. When you comment leave the song title and artist in the subject line so that if someone else thought of the same song they don't have to send it to you again, ;)
05. With enough people and enough variety of songs you should end up with a lovely playlist inspired by those that know you pretty well [or so you hope].
06. Download and enjoy!

So that I don't have to crosspost it to a bunch of journals and Baileigh has the biggest f-list anyway, this applies to any of my characters as well as Bee. :P

HMD meme

May. 24th, 2009 11:44 am
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The How's My Driving? Meme
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I have to say I'm overwhelmed by the Tammy nominations this go round. I mean, it's overwhelming every go round? But this time, wow. I always have, and always will, write to make myself happy first and foremost. I do it because I enjoy it. I am not a professional writer and really, I have no aspirations to become one. I just like to. It is, however, just very, very cool to realize that other people are really reading, and remember and appreciate things that I've written enough to nominate it for anything--for example, seriously, I had no idea that the Memento Vivere plot was that...memorable (hello, irony?), or that people thought I wrote good porn (Baileigh is mortified, but I'm proud of those, dammit, I struggled with writing smut for a long, long time)! :D

And I'm not here to ask for votes. There are so many great muses and great writers nominated, people that are so, so much better than I am, which I am perfectly fine with, because I've been lucky enough to play with some of them (though I will say that Baileigh makes big puppy eyes at the Snappiest Dresser award that both she and her husband are nominated for. Go figure). What I really want to say is THANK YOU, all of you, who play with me. Everyone who tagged into the wedding thread, everyone who's dealt with Baileigh's baby neurosis, everyone who played along with all the little plots and stuff I've done over the time I've been active with my darling pup here, everyone who let me play along with their plots, who've given me the privilige of reading the times and trials of their muses on my f-list every day. Because it's not RP if you're doing it alone. I especially want to thank Sark's mun for being willing to play out such a fun rollercoaster of a relationship through all the twists and turns and ups and downs of two incredibly unlikely muses falling in love, everyone in Choices 'verse for making it such a sane, happy place to play, for all of the wonderful, WONDERFUL Heroes pups that accept my little wayward Slayer into their fandom circle, for all of the Buffyverse muses that continue to remind me why I love the fandom, all of the colorful and wonderful original characters that are such a joy to have on my f-list--and everyone in between.

And now that I've gushed your ears off, I will close by saying this: at the core, RPing is about having fun. Keep that in mind, and you always will have fun.


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I'll most likely get the post up for the wedding late tomorrow morning, which would, technically, be Saturday evening in Paris. Once it's up, everyone who was invited is free to post wherever they like. There will be several sub-sections for arriving, ceremony, reception, etc., so no one is constrained to waiting for things to move along so they can play wherever and whenever they want to play.

I hope everyone has fun--it's a wedding, sure, but also a party! :D
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So the AC adapter cord on my laptop is all "Oh, hey, I hate you, I'm not gonna work," and after I spent the morning on Dell's troubleshooting site to no avail, and then the REST of the morning on the phone with them, I'm getting a new one--Dell people are very nice to you, if your machine's still under warranty.

Now, this certainly doesn't mean I'm gonna disappear, cause, hi, there are two other desktops in the house, but I probably won't be on AIM and Y!M as much, and I didn't want to worry anyone.

Cord will probably be here Tuesday, and I'll be back in business.


OOC note

Mar. 28th, 2009 11:30 pm
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Tags will be answered tomorrow, hopefully. Spent all day at hospital with my dad. It looks like he's had a stroke, but we'll see when they get the results back from the MRI they'll do when they get around to it. Yes, I am rather pissy towards the hospital right now, because they were apparently all having a day of SUCKAGE.

Prayers and good vibes are appreciated.

From Abby

Mar. 24th, 2009 04:32 pm
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Comment here and I will tell you what I like about how you play your character(s). Tell me which ones you want me to ramble about, please.

OOC note

Mar. 10th, 2009 01:59 pm
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I will be out of town for a week, starting tomorrow, and I have no clue if I'll have net access at all, but even if I do, I probably won't be around much. Most of you know who I play and who this applies to. :P

*love all around*
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First, let's list all of your active characters and their PBs.

1) Baileigh Solis ([ profile] deep_red_bells /[ profile] not_my_savior ) - Morena Baccarin
2) Inara Serra ([ profile] gracefulwoman /[ profile] companionserra ) - also Morena
3) Daphne Millbrook ([ profile] speedster_girl ) - Brea Grant
4) Rory Gilmore ([ profile] nyvote_rgilmore /[ profile] coffee_literati /[ profile] but_im_agilmore ) - Alexis Bledel
5) Jason Bourne ([ profile] it_gets_easier ) - Matt Damon
6) Hoban Washburne ([ profile] oncewas_laconic ) - Alan Tudyk
7) WALL-E ([ profile] hello_wall_e ) - Um. Little animated robot? :D
8) Albert Wesker ([ profile] right_tobegod ) - Um. He's a video game character, so. :P
9) Melaka Fray ([ profile] sotake_meon ) - She's a comic book character, but I use Megan Fox

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So there's still time for recs!

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Before anyone goes "WHO THE FUCK IS THIS ON MY F-LIST WTF WTF?!", I've re-named Baileigh's journal because the old name was pretty snore-worthy. Sorry for any confusion it might cause, but it's [ profile] deep_red_bells  now. :)

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I missed it the first time around and could use a break from the not happy drums, SO!

If you want to have your pup have some sort of sexual relations with mine, comment here!

I'll do my best to get them written, but don't be hurt if I don't. Sometimes I just can't make things happen (for example, Baileigh outright refused to cuddle or hug Edward Cullen, SO! ;D), but I will do my very best. They'll be PWP and not applicable to any verse, unless, of course, they do apply. /is vague

This also applies to Daphne ([ profile] speedster_girl ) if anyone wants some loving from the teeny speedster. ;) I suppose you can also request any of my other pups that you know of if you want, and I'll give that a try too. Most of you know who I write.

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Annie and Baileigh's Master List of Red VS Blue Inspired Nicknames

Baileigh--Church. Light blue armor. A Captain Private with a dead Captain. Leader of the Blue Army.
Annie--Tucker. Teal armor. Member of the Blue Army. Makes 'bow-chicka-bow-wow' jokes a lot.
Claire--Tex. Black armor. Badass chick from Texas. Free agent unassociated with any army. Beat a guy to death with his own skull.
Sark--Wyoming. Silver armor. Free agent. Kills people for money. Is British.
Adam--Vic/Command. No armor. The one that created the fakey fake war and pit the Blue and Red army against each other just for shits and giggles.
Devon--Griff. Orange armor. Red Army. Likes ribbons in his hair and wants to kiss all the boys.
Mohinder--Doc. Purple armor. Is a medic, not a doctor. Mostly just makes people comfortable until they die.
Sylar--O'Malley. The evil AI that used to live in Texas's head, now resides in the Doc (well, did at the end of season 3. insert bow-chicka-wow-wow joke here)
Cain--Sarge. Red Army, red armor. Is gruff and grumpy.
Hank--Simmons. Red army, maroon armor. Kisses Sarge's ass a lot. Would totally slit your throat in your sleep.
Peter--Donut. Red Army. Has pink armor. Likes frilly soaps. Is gay.

Still not bequeathed upon anyone: Caboose and Lopez. No one is awesome enough to be Caboose, boring enough to be Lopez. :P


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