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It's technically his first Father's Day with a child not still wrapped up in her womb, and Baileigh wanted to make sure it was special and kicked off right with French Toast topped with strawberries, and fresh squeezed orange juice, served in bed. Along with it is a flat wrapped box containing a recent picture of Julian holding Irina in a frame Baileigh had custom made, with Irina's little handprint in the corner, engraved with the words "To Daddy, Love, Irina". Underneath that is a snap shot of Baileigh and Irina in matching yellow sundresses, wearing sunglasses and in Irina's case a little sun hat, standing in front of a brand new 560 Cruiser Yacht. Which is the Father's Day present he has waiting for him at the docks.

Sure, he already has a boat, but he said it himself, they'd need more boats when Adam seals the deal on that island!
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All wrapped up in a neat little package:

Vintage t-shirt
One woman band necklace

And one of those obnoxious singing cards with a handwritten note:

Happy birthday to my favorite blond bunny!

<3, B

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For Sylar )

For Peter )

The note attached to both:

My gratitude takes the form of chocolate and in Claire's case, shoes. This should surprise no one.

I can't thank you enough for what you did, and if there's ever anything I can besides have someone else make yummy things, please let me know.

♥ B

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Thank you for the gift, Claire.
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And a separate post for gifts to Julian, because A) there are some lengthy, emotional notes and cards attached and B) they most likely won't be exchanged with everyone else's gifts.

And yes, Baileigh will insist on things being opened in the right order.

Read more... )

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As promised, Baileigh likes tape, and ribbons, and anything that might make said presents hard to open. But she wraps pretty?

Hank )

Cain )

Adam & Peter )

Claire )

Sylar )

Mohinder )

Molly )

She did not, of course, forget her significant other, but he gets his own post because mushy mushy notes abound. :P
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As promised, every package has more tape than is human necessary and ribbons and bows and oh yes, Baileigh enjoys making presents nigh impossible to open. She's evil like that. Technically they're from both Baileigh & Julian, though Baileigh slips handwritten notes in along with the stuffy formal cards attached to each.

Spike )

Jules )

Ruby )

Rico )

Annie )

Rian )

Lauren )

Mab )

Channing )

Tommy Zee & Baby )

Rachel D )

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Want. So much with the want. *grabby hands*

ETA: Oh God, I want these too. I have to stop shopping, the noises I'm making are damn near pornographic.

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Thank you, Zee. You didn't have to do that.


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