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All my favorite designers dissapoint or horrify me (or both) eventually.

Le sigh.

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I can't decide if they're hideous or awesome. I'm buying them anyway.

Along with...three other pairs of pumps and three pairs of boots.

Bite me, fall's just around the corner. I need them.

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While I'm fully aware I can't wear them for another...four months? I totally bought them. They're hot. I had to.

And now I'm in a better mood! Sort of. I'd be in a even better mood if I could WEAR THEM.

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I want these.

I also want this like really really badly because it's so freaking cute, but the cynical voice in my head is telling me I won't get to wear it very much since I'll be in my second/beginning of my third trimester this summer.

And maternity clothes? Ugly. I've already looked.

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These boots will not leave me alone. I keep going back and looking at them.

I so so so so so don't need them. But omg. Look at them. There is so much want.

Edited to add: I DON'T NEED THIS EITHER.

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I have officially indoctrinated Claire into the Order of Choo. She chose very, very wisely. I am most proud of my young Padawan.
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[backdated to this morning, since LJ was down and all that]

This is what extremely bored fresh off the plane women with shoe fetishes do while they're sitting in the kitchen waiting for the slacker birthday girl to get their ass out of bed.

This is what they do. )

They take pictures of their feet on cell phone cameras and put them on their livejournals.

Carry on.

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I'm starting to think my name must translate to "Bad for your wallet" in Latin. Or some dead language. IDK. I'm amused.
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So, despite the very piratey look (or maybe because of it?) I WANT THESE.

And also these.

And these.

And, I am happy to say, Betsey Johnson ALMOST redeems herself in my eyes with these.

And then there are these, and these, and oh my God someone take the internet away from me or at least my credit cards.

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Want. So much with the want. *grabby hands*

ETA: Oh God, I want these too. I have to stop shopping, the noises I'm making are damn near pornographic.

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Mab gave me Jimmy Choos. She is now officially not only my favorite Power but my favorite immortal person ever. Bite me, Adam. I own Jimmy Choos EEEEE!!

ETA: No, Spike, you're a vampire, totally different category. Shut up, it's my head, it makes sense to me, that's all that matters.
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You know those leather boots Anne Hathaway wore in The Devil Wears Prada? Y'know, these?

I so need those. Yeah, I know, no, I don't really need them, BUT I NEED THEM.

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So, I usualy love Emilio Puuci's shoes, but these? I just...can't even imagine trying to walk in them.

But I'm sorely tempted to buy these. I mean...I didn't realize cute biker boots existed.


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