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I COMPLETELY forgot to put a link in my journal, but for all those involved in the plot: Baileigh is going to go into labor tomorrow. Her water will break at about 3 AM tomorrow morning (as per this post) and anyone that would be called--which would be everyone in Choices 'verse that lives in New York and would want to be at the hospital or be informed--will be called around that time. About seven hours after that, contractions will start. Baby will be born late tomorrow night, and I don't yet know if it'll be prompted or if there will be RP or what, any thoughts, Cain!mun, Sark!mun, Claire!mun, Annie!mun and anyone else that wants to chime in? I know we're all busy, so you guys just let me know what you think.

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You know, I've tried really hard not to bitch, but my back hurts so bad that it's all I can do not to sit here and just, cry uncontrollably.

Cause that'd solve everything, clearly.

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Oh God.

Oh my God.


I'm at 35 weeks. I HAVE 35 MORE DAYS TO GO.




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1) Hermione
2) Rosalba
3) Ava
4) Annamarie
5) Dayanara
6) Ella
7) Sophia
8) Katerina
9) Emma
10) October
11) Aubrey
12) Gracie
13) Nevada
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Should I buy some preemie sized clothing? If she's not gonna make it to term and most average sized infants are too small for 0-3m sized clothing, I probably should, right? Yes, I KNOW, I'm random. Shut up and answer the question, I can hear you mumbling about my shopping habits and rolling your eyes from here.
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This is found perched on Baileigh and Sark’s bedroom dresser on Sunday morning, with a big glossy navy blue bow on top of it. Nestled inside the top compartments are several colorful, whimsical ties, carefully rolled and placed just so, a pair of sailboat cufflinks, and the newest model of the iPhone. Balanced in front of it is a card:

barf-worthy sweetness ahoy )
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83 % chance of having a girl

I already knew that, of course--yay for having psychic friends--but still, it's interesting that all the old wives tales point to the same thing.
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I would like to state, for the record, that that whole practice of making a woman drink a TON of water and then not letting her pee and then PRESSING DOWN ON HER ABDOMEN with that wand thing is a form of torture. TORTURE.

And also totally worth it.


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--This is the last week of my first trimester. AWESOME.

--Look at your pinky finger. That's how big the baby is. 

--I'm getting married in 4 and a half weeks.

--There are certain people who know who they are that I am currently very happy for. These certain people know why.

You guuuuuuys!! Happy days are ahead!! Eeee!!

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So I've been having all these little impulses while dealing with the "let's not call the baby an 'it', mkay? " issue to say 'she' and 'her.' I don't know why, but I have. And today I talked to Val. She seems to think it's highly possible my hunch is right (actually she's pretty insistent that she KNOWS it's right).

...Though it's probably still safest to wait on the official word from the ultrasound before picking out nursery room colors.

If anyone else psychically gifted wants to weigh in, be my guest.

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I have ten more days left in my first trimester.
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Am I going to have to stop watching TV? EVERYTHING makes me cry.


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